1974 Birth of the consortium called C.I.S.E. between five Cooperatives: Ravenna Conselice (RA), Cervia (RA), Campiano (RA), Manzolino of Castelfranco Emilia (MO), six service cooperatives: C.A.P.S.C. Massalombarda (RA), the Federation of Cooperatives of the Province of Ravenna, A.P.C.A. Modena, A.P.C.A. Bologna, C.A.P.A. Forlì, C.C.B.F. of Massafiscaglia (FE) and the cooperative C.A.C. Cesena. The consortium established as a limited liability cooperative company "... intends to involve the partners in the benefits of mutuality and cooperation and set out to provide a unified framework for the production, processing and placement of seeds and derived products, in the interest of member cooperatives ... "
1975-1978 it was built the plant in Conselice and in 1978 with the new designation CO.NA.SE. begins the production and selection of common wheat seed, durum, barley and alfalfa seed
1979-1984-1995 Expansions of the storage and warehouses for seeds and the plant selection.
1980-1981 Purchase and maintenance in purity of the variety of two-row barley Okos and start-up of the breeding research in collaboration with AICA of Bologna.
1981 Begin to work on behalf of common and durum wheat for the Company Canè Brothers and Sons and the production of medical seed for the company Asgrow Italy.
1984 Start of the selection of barley for the company Venturoli seeds.
1985 Registration in the Italian variety list of the barley named Jeff obtained with exclusive through AICA by the French company Belloy Semences.
1986 registration of the common wheat Santerno and the siw-rows barley Fiction and Elan delegates to AICA by the French company Blondeau.
1990-92 CONASE begin the breeding program and registration of common wheath Savena and Zena wheats made by the Consortium "M. Neri".
1992 Begun of the collaboration with the French company Verneuil that will lead to the establishment of the "Barley Club" with three other Italian seed companies to develop in co-exclusive of barley varieties for forage: Kelibia will be joined by Sonora, Amillis and Balkan.
1993 Agreement with the company Maliani Genetica together with three Italian seed companies for the development of varieties of durum wheat Cirillo, Giemme and San Carlo.
2001-2002 First registrations in the Italian variety list from CONASE’s research fir the durum wheat Tiziana and Dylan and the common wheat Blasco.
2000-2003 Takeover in dealership and finally purchase of the selection plant in San Zaccaria (RA) and the Solgea brand.
2002 CONASE is recognized by the Region Emilia Romagna as an Association specialized in cereals. Begin of production on behalf of the Veneto Sementi company.
2003 Renewal of the barley club agreement with the new company Limagrain Italy involving also a new six rows barley named Ketos, and a new agreement with Florisem company for the six rows barley Marado.
2003 Agreement with Apsovsementi company for the sharing of genetic material still undifferentiated to develop a common breeding program to give strength to the possibility of introducing new varieties on the Italian market and put in place the means and the tools to enhance the ability to do research.
2004-2005 Registration of varieties of common wheat Albachiara and Generale. Begin the collaboration with the research group of Prof. Falcinelli (University of Perugia) for genotyping and the study of genetic distances between wheat lines.
2006 Registration of the common wheat Aquilante and the durum wheat Hathor.
2007 Registration of the common wheat variety Lilliput and the durum wheat variety Tirex the first two in common between Conase and Apsovsementi. The variety Blasco exceeds 6,000 tons of certified seeds and remains the benchmark of high quality bread class. Dylan durum wheat reaches 3.200 tons. It is signed a multi-year agreement with the research group of Prof. Ceoloni (University of Tuscia) for the development of molecular markers and assisted selection of unpublished segregating populations derived from wheat and related species.
2008 Registration of the alfalfa variety Beatrix. Doubling of the Research Laboratory ith new instruments and purchase of equipment to improve the varietal purity maintaining.
2009-2010 Registration of the varieties of common wheat Arabia, Asuncion and the varieties of durum wheat Colombo, Homer, Magellano, Pitagora and Vespucci. All made by the common breeding program Conase-Apsovsementi. New horizontal warehouse for the storage of row and selected seed.
2011 Andrea Demontis is the new head of CONASE research.
2011 Installation of an automatic machine for packaging in big bags.
2011-2012 Registration of varieties Conase-Apsovsementi of common wheat Acapulco,
Andalusia, Azul, Rebelde, Terramare.
2013 Registration of the varieties Conase-Apsovsementi of common wheat Asturias,
Breus and the durum wheats Kenobi and Neruda. Upgrading of the seed selection
plant for alfalfa.
2014 Registration of the varieties Conase-Apsovsementi of common wheat Almeria,
Bisanzio, Birbante and Katou. First subdivision of common materials between Conase and Apsov.
Installation the selection line of the sorting machine that innovates and substantially improves the traditional selection system.
2015 Conase purchase a share in the company Semia.
2016 Conase divide its breeding program form the common one with Apsovsementi. Conase has reached an high level of research with numerous trial fields that enable Conase to develop again an independent breeding program.
2016 Conase purchased and installed a phytotron or growth laboratory to be able to develop faster and better the new varieties.