The seed is the first and key link in determining the quality of the productions. The breeding program and the selection of seed by CONASE, is able to ensure a seed of high quality.
The genetic improvement of the CONASE research, see the application in field of conventional methodologies, starting from the cross to breed a new variety, which follows the selection of the new lines. The parallel laboratory job on the most advanced materials allows to characterize them in terms of quality: are thus promoted the lines that gather valuable agronomic and qualitative characteristics.


The success of a wheat variety it is determined by high yield under different conditions, a good test weight and a healthy grain. The yield depends on the interaction between the productive potential of the varieties with biotic factors such as the diseases and abiotic factors such as sensitivity to cold and lodging, which can both lead to a significant penalty. A new variety must have a balance between these different factors in order to meet the farmer requirements.


The research focus on developing plants with greater ability to defend against pathogens,
selecting varieties with multiple resistance to diseases, great commitment is dedicated to the development of resistance to yellow and brown rust, powdery mildew, Fusarium and Septoria. An important goal is therefore to develop resistances or tolerances in the new varieties of wheat in order to safeguard the yield and the food suitability of the harvested seed.


The quantity and technological quality of the proteins of bread and durum wheat are essential conditions to promote an optimal baking and pasta making. In our laboratory are conducted both quantitative analysis (NIR Analyzer) and qualitative (Promylograph instrumentation, Alveograph, Glutograph and colorimeter), even with the design of original analytical methodologies that allow a precise characterization of the new materials with the use of a few grams of grain.
Particular attention is then devoted to the analysis of aspects relating the kernels hardness with SKCS instrument. Conase also exploit the valuable collaboration of related mills laboratories to confirm the quality of its research.


For each variety of our constitution is implemented a maintenance purity program that leads to the production of the first nucleus of seed. With the successive multiplications you will get the generations: G4, G3, G2 and First generation. The G4 seed is cultivated in a large plot of about 3,000 square meters with reduced seeding rates, leaving adequate paths to ease cleanup operations. The purging operations are very demanding and require specialized personnel, equipment and adequate organization, but they are indispensable for ensure the high quality standards of our commercial seed. Every year it starts from the G4 and then, for each variety, coexist different generations of Technical seed.