At the entrance in the plant, the seed pass the pre-cleaning process and disinfestation treatment to standardize the masses and ensure their shelf life.
The selection of cereals is carried on two lines of the capacity respectively 12 and 6 t / hour that allow to make different process depending on the characteristics of the masses. A sorting machine, with an innovative and accurate final selection, improves substantially the traditional processing system.
At the end of the line the selected seed it is treated with the process of liquid tanning, using two machineries designed and built by our technicians.
The plant for the selection of Alfalfa seed, recently renewed, is a stand-alone line able to work even small kernels and the technical seed of cereals, it has a capacity of 1.5 t / hour of alfalfa seed.
Traceability that allows to go back to how the seed has been produced, processed, packaged It is an added value of great importance. For this reason CONASE has developed a traceability system able to trace backwards the entire production chain. The seed coming in CONASE from the farms it is registered in a specific managerial software to keep track of the quantity and quality data. The product is subsequently stored in dedicated silos for variety and then subjected to the selection process during which is filled in a "working board" on which are reported the data relating to the production and tanning. Afterwards there is the packaging process with the application of the certification label by the Italian official authority.
Beginning from the bag number it is possible to trace back up to the lot of production, verify the type of work to which he was subjected and up to the farmer who delivered the seed, identifying land parcels and, if necessary obtain the data farm data.
CONASE has achieved accreditation of its laboratory by the Crea and performs thanks to its specialized staff the required analysis for the official certification by itself, making sure to our customer we can execute even last minute request and grant wide availability of selected product.
In summary of the production process, CONASE adopted the polythene bag as package because of it joins the better protection of the seed to a greater speed in the bagging stage. The perforated plastic allows the expulsion of air contained in the bag, while preventing moisture ingress and a special treatment reduces the bag slippage. The pallets, covered by a sheet of cardboard to protect the bags from accidental breakage, are wrapped with plastic film to increase the stability of the packaging during the shipment. Special appreciation for the dimensions of the bags, 25 kg bag for barley seed 30 kg bag for wheat seed, that allow a more serviceable use by the farmers. Conase also supply barley seed in big bags of 500 kg and common wheat and durum wheat in 600 kg big bags, produced in a new automatic line up to 24 t / hour.