A beautiful trail has been traveled in forty years, the small local Cooperative born to select cereal and alfalfa seed for its members, has become one of the largest Italian seed companies with its own breeding activities for the release of new varieties and interesting perspectives on foreign markets.
This was possible thanks to the enthusiasm in the job and to the constant research for quality and satisfaction of customers and shareholders.
The seed quality is linked to the characteristics of the variety, both agronomic: yield, diseases resistance, lodging resistance and tolerance to abiotic stresses (cold, drought) and technological capacity to produce bread, biscuits, bakery products and pasta with high quality.
Then there is the quality related to the seed production and processing: good germination, careful selection, uniform and effective seed treatment, well-done packaging.
In the recent years, the products of CO.NA.SE. have given the right answers to the demands for quality that comes from farmers, retailers and industries. Every year we organize many meetings with farmers, dealers and different stakeholders and we always receive support and appreciation.
When we meet farmers and retailers, it is important for us to listen their advices and we achieve great satisfaction by their appreciation about our varieties (the seed well selected, well treated, with a suitable packaging). This estimation drives us to continue our will to a constant improvement.
We are engaged in a continuous dialogue with all professional players in the cereal sector, with the purpose to build a network of knowledge for a carefully selection excellent varietis. Since Italy holds unique productions in the gastronomy, we are concerned to characterize the health and organoleptic characteristics of our varieties in our laboratory to help safeguard the flavors of our land.
We are keen on a constant investment in technology to make more effective our plants: since 2014, the seed is subjected to the control of an optical sorting machine. We enhanced the varietal research employing more researchers and purchasing new laboratory equipment. We have grown up for the last forty years, but we have not forgotten our origins, we are born by the will of farmers and with the mission to create the conditions for improving their income thanks to the production and processing of wheat and alfalfa seed. CO.NA.SE. is now a well-established breeding company with 40 years of experience and unique capabilities, but keen on pursue new achievements in the future.